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Annual motor production capacity up to 150 million units,Takingadvantage of the group management and continuous improvement in quality system, precision molds, precision injection, precision stamping parts and other aspects, we devote to supplying competitive micro motor products and one-stop solutions for our partners. With the increasing demands of micro-motor market, Leili keeps advancingtheautomation ofproduction processes to enhancethe quality of products and manufacturing efficiency, which makes us well response to the widespread industryproblems like increasing cost of raw material and labor force, operators shortage etc.
In additiontobe definite for positioningstrategy and fully developingcompetitiveness for 6 application domain, the fundamental factors that distinguished Leili from the other competitors include the following aspects: we concentrate more on the exploration of demands of our partners. We continuously excavate new demands and try our best to satisfy them. And we enhance our core competitiveness through win-win situation, which results in the continuous development of the company.
Provide customizedOptions besides standard products according to demands:
— Motor performanceparameters adjustment
— Motor mounting plate(Flange& End cap )
— Motor output shaft/ The method of output shaft
— Motor output gear/pinion
— Motor Lead wire/ lead wire layout
— Motor connector /Pin/Plug
— Customized design for special requirements
Bar codeshipping management, safety stock, andprompt delivery.
In 2012, Automated production capacity enhancingby 20%, and relatedlabor force costreducedby20%.

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